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Back OnSide Doing Their Bit During Lockdown

Back OnSide Doing Their Bit During Lockdown

In the UK 1 in 4 people suffer from some form of mental health illness each year. However only a quarter of sufferers receive on going treatment. Back OnSide, a Scottish charity founded in January 2018, aims to support mental health and well-being “By delivering programmes and workshops; focused around sport, music, drama and art. Back Onside supports and relieves mental health obstacles through peer-support and participation in activities that encourage good health and well-being.”

At MegaTech Projects Ltd we are well aware of the challenges on mental health in the modern work environment but are limited in what we can do to help those suffering. Even with the majority of our staff mental health first aid trained, we were trying to do our bit for those struggling with poor mental health, which may well be exacerbated by the current covid19 restrictions. With so many worthwhile Charities struggling to raise funds during the pandemic, MPL reached out to Back OnSide to match the donation of £5,000 from Scotland Football captain Andy Robertson.

Furthermore, after hearing that Sir Tom Hunter would be matching all donations generated through the KiltWalk, despite it being postponed, MPL went even further, donating another £5,000 to Back OnSide. Sir Tom Hunter matched this £5,000 100% via his own KiltWalk donations which will see Back On side raise £15,000 towards their continued work.

Well Done Libby and the team. Keep up the Good work!