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MegaTech Projects Ltd Extend The Harp's Sponsorship

Arbroath Harp 06’s spent this season proudly sporting the MPL logo across their match day kit and jackets which were sponsored by MPL. In a time when there is not much certainty in the world MegaTech Projects Ltd (MPL) are delighted to announce that we have followed up our initial one season sponsorship of Arbroath’s next generation of football stars with a life-time sponsorship.

Coronavirus lockdown measures have no doubt taken their toll on people of all ages over the last few months, mentally and physically. Knowing the people of the UK, and from supporting the work of Back OnSide, we realise that grassroots sport will be at the forefront trying to ensure we are all fighting fit and well once this lockdown is lifted. That is why we have pledged £1000 per season for the Harp youth team’s lifetime. Hopefully this small contribution can take a little bit of stress off the coaching staff’s back in this time of uncertainty and they can get right back into training the young team once the government’s guidelines permit it, we don’t doubt everyone will be raring to go.

Keep up the good work everyone and as always, C’mon the Wee Lichties!