MegaTech Projects LTD (MPL) were awarded the contract to install 2 Platform Extensions totalling 83 metres at Freshford station. Delivering for Great Western Railway (GWR) with AMCO as the main contractor Freshford was part of a wider project on the Cotswold line which included 9 platform extensions installed by MPL, all of which were designed by Adams Design Associates and installed using our Expanded Polystyrene System (EPS).

Unlike other projects the challenges faced at Freshford didn’t come in design or installation they came in material delivery. As Freshford is a small town which is 100’s of years old the infrastructure wasn’t exactly ideal for MPL’s usual delivery method of articulated lorries.

Instead we had to bring in smaller ridged-back lorries which would deliver the materials to a strict time schedule to prevent the small town’s roads getting filled up with traffic. The installation works at Freshford were undertaken in April 2018 under Rules Of The Route Possessions and took a total of 24 hours working time.

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