During a 7 day blockade in November 2018 MegaTech Projects Ltd (MPL) undertook works at Honeybourne station to install two Expanded Polystyrene System (EPS) platform extensions totalling 140 metres.

Delivering for Great Western Railway with Dyer and Butler as the Main Contractor, the works were completed in 50 working hours and were part of a blockade which saw MPL and Dyer and Butler complete 6 EPS platform extensions in 6 days, the modular extensions totalled 380 linear metres and were designed by Network Rail’s Aecom design team.

The greatest challenge presented at Honeybourne for MPL and Dyer and Butler was the storage of materials and delivering them to the worksite. The solution to the restricted access to the track at Honeybourne was to store the materials at the sidings, which were around 500 metres down the track, and deliver them to site via trailers attached to an RRV.

Despite having 70 EPS units and 70 Precast Concrete units to deliver to the worksite MPL completed the installation at Honeybourne without disrupting the programme which allowed for another 5 (EPS) platforms to be installed within the blockade. For Honeybourne and all other installations on the North Cotswolds project the precast slabs also had re-enforced sections cast in to the rear which allowed the fencing to be easily fixed on, further reducing in-situ works.

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