With a retaining wall heaving back in 2013, the station at South Hamstead, in North London, has seen the majority of the platform closed for over two years.

With an HV cable running thorugh the platform and the limited working durations available, Network Rail had been constrained in their efforts to develop the station and get the full platform operational.

With a proactive, collaborative approach, MegaTech Projects, in conjunction with the Main Contractor, J.Murphy & Sons worked with Network Rail and our Head Designers, Adams Consulting Engineers, to develop the station and utilise the MegaTech EPS system.

This approach maximised the limited working times available and avoided any interference with the track support zone and/or zone of influence.

With only 2hrs working each Midweek night and no weekend working, works on the station, immediatley North of Euston, commenced late January 2015 and were completed in April 2015.

A very challenging contract with all excavation and breaking out carried out by hand and the only means of access for materials being a crane from above.

The Train Operating Company (LOROL) were delighted with the approach adopted by JMS and MPL and the works caused no disruption to passengers.

In total the works took 45 working hours.

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