MegaTech Projects LTD (MPL) were awarded the contract to install two platform extensions totalling 193 metres at Stonehouse station in Gloucester. Delivering for Great Western Railway (GWR) with AMCO as the main contractor Stonehouse was part of a wider project on the Cotswold line which included 9 platform extensions installed by MPL, all of which were designed by Adams Design Associates and installed using our Expanded Polystyrene System (EPS).

The Stonehouse extensions were installed over a 53 hour blockade during Christmas 2017, 2nr contingency shifts were utilised to finish off the extension installation as well as install a Collision Protection Zone, also made using MPL’s EPS system. A challenge faced at Stonehouse came in the form of a Cable trough which didn’t have the required slack to be moved out with the proposed platform extension for platform 2.

As it wasn’t discovered that there wouldn’t be enough slack to move the cables until two weeks before installation began MPL had to notch the route for the cable trough through each EPS block for platform 2 on site to the markings of Amco’s engineer. By doing this in advance of installation MPL and Amco were able to slot the EPS blocks around the trough without affecting programme. In total the works at Stonehouse took 53 hours working time.

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