To achieve Network Rail approval for the system, MPL had to demonstrate full individual element and full system compliance with all British standards, Network Rail standards and European codes.

Network Rail’s approved Form 1 and Standard design drawing for the MegaTech EPS system are the generic basis of all designs and these are amended for the specifics of each and every site.

By gaining the Network Rail standard approval, this allows the system to be used anywhere throughout the UK and the many uses to date include:

• Platform extensions
• Refurbished platforms
• "Platform Extensions to listed stations" - Extensions where there is a requirement to match existing finish through a brick/block façade.
• Removing and replacing existing platforms
• Completely new stations
• Stations in areas of flooding
• Stations with limited or no access outwith RRV access
• Stations with restricted possession/isolation durations (sometimes as little as two hours)
• Stations with poor ground conditions including:
(i) High water tables
(ii) Peaty ground
(iii) Arches or other structures at shallow depths
(iv) Made up ground

The management and employees of MPL have a wealth of experience within the civil engineering, construction and railway sectors.

This wealth of experience...married with a dedicated bank of specialised Subcontractors and Designers ensures full compliance with Client, Network Rail, bespoke and industry standards.

The ORR and Network Rail have both carried out comparisons on the MegaTech EPS system and other platform systems and have confirmed:

“Direct savings of over 30% compared to traditional forms of platform installation.”

Network Rail –
At least 4 times quicker than traditional build methods and 2 to 3 times quicker than steel modular systems. Safer due to the minimum excavation and no concrete foundations required and less expensive than any other system.”