Supply and Install

Once the design parameters are agreed and the Approved For Construction (AFC) Drawings issued, MegaTech Projects undertake to supply and install all the materials required for the platform works.

As MegaTech Projects are responsible for the full system, the minimum work elements we carry out are:

  • Supply of the EPS units
  • Supply of the precast slabs
  • Installation of sand screed
  • Installation of EPS block units
  • Installation of polythene layer between EPS units and precast slabs
  • Installation of precast slabs
  • All platform sealant works
  • Fencing

Other trade elements required that MegaTech Projects can complete, subject to the Client’s requirements include:

  • Lining
  • Tactiles
  • Lighting, PA and CCTV
  • End steps
  • Signage

The Case Study section of the website demonstrates further, the full range and extent of MegaTech Project’s work capability and we always welcome the Client’s thoughts on how the overall Project requirements can be best achieved.