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Logan Rowe Skydive

Following on from the success of raising over £4,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support with his “Brave the Shave”, Logan Rowe (the son of MegaTech Projects MD George) is now planning a skydive in aid of Beatson Cancer Hospital.

Logan’s Grandma (Sheila Rowe) received treatment, care and assistance from both Macmillan and the Beatson before she passed away late 2016 and Logan was keen to raise further funds for the terrible illness.

As you need to be 16 years old to skydive, Logan cannot carry out his dive until after his 16th birthday in September 2017. Therefore, on 9th September 2017, the day after his 16th birthday, Logan will jump from a plane over the beautiful countryside around Perthshire. His Dad will be jumping beside him for support.

We wish him every success in his aim of matching his previous fund raising target and a very safe landing.