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MegaTech Awarded Contract For Historic New Soham Station

Working with J Murphy & Sons Ltd, MegaTech Projects Ltd (MPL) have been awarded the contract to supply and install our Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Platform system to a brand new station, Soham, in East Cambridgeshire.

Whilst this station will be a brand new build it won’t be the first time Soham has had a station. On the 1st of September 1879 the old Soham station was opened. This Station remained in operation until a devastating accident occurred on the 2nd of June 1944. At the height of WW2 a munitions train was passing through the station on the Ipswich to Ely line, the train caught fire near the old Soham station and the highly explosive munitions on board decimated the surrounding rail infrastructure and local town. The station was destroyed, 700 buildings in the local area were also damaged, and unfortunately 2 people lost their lives, one of whom was the local signalman Frank Bridges and the other the trains fireman James Nightall .

Whilst MPL are proud to be playing our part in the regeneration of the railway in Soham, we are also looking forward to working alongside Murphy’s on our third project together. Alongside Murphy’s, MPL previously completed a 90m platform removal and replacement at Watford Junction and a 50m platform reconstruction at South Hampstead, just North of Wembley.