How can MPL’s recent project at Cambridge station be summarised?

40 metres long, 1 day, 1 possession, the UK’s second longest platform and 1 adjacent line open!
Working alongside Principle Contractor Dyer and Butler, to deliver for Abellio Greater Anglia, MegaTech Projects Ltd (MPL) completed a 40m platform extension to platform 4 in the City of Cambridge’s central station. With only 1nr 48 hour possession available to complete the extension to what would become the second longest railway platform in the UK, matters were made even more tricky when the possession access dictated that the extension would have to be completed whilst the through line was open and live trains were operating just across the six foot!

A detailed ALO plan was produced and on the 18th of September 2021 MPL began the installation. 18 working hours later there was a brand new platform installed and by 19:00 on Sunday the 19th this was complete with finishes and platform fencing.

How is it possible to install a 40 metre platform extension when the adjacent line is open you ask? You use a high performance RRV crane (provided by ReadyPower) to install our lightweight expanded polystyrene platform system (EPS) across the 10ft without encroaching the open line, simple.

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