MegaTech Projects LTD (MPL) were awarded the contract to install a 43 meter Platform Extension on platform 2 at Kemble Station. Delivering for Great Western Railway (GWR) with AMCO as the main contractor Kemble was part of a wider project on the Cotswold line which included 9 platform extensions installed by MPL, all of which were designed by Adams Design Associates and installed using our Expanded Polystyrene System (EPS).

Kemble was a special job for MPL and one we took great pride in as it is a station which is frequently passed through by royalty. It was also unique in design as it featured our first EPS ramp installation, a 10 meter section which linked the new EPS platform extension to the driver’s walkway and took 5 hours to install. MPL undertook the installation in January 2018 during Rules of the Route possessions and took a total of 19 working hours.

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