It’s not every day you build a 24 metre Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) platform extension for the UK’s principle Royal Marines training base at Lympstone Commando. This unique request stop station which MegaTech Projects Ltd (MPL) extended in October 2020 serves the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM), and those who board or alight here must have business with the base.

Originally opened during the Second World War as Exton Marines Depot, the base got it’s own purpose built railway platform in 1976. This stood undisturbed for 44 years before MPL removed the end ramp and completed a 24 metre extension in just 17 working hours.

Whilst the installation at Lympstone Commando was a pleasure it didn’t come without it’s challenges. Restricted access meant RRV’s had to ferry materials into the worksite on trailers from Exmouth Station over 3.5 miles along the track. The 7 mile round trip for each load of materials made this a tricky one. However, MPL and Main Contractor Dyer & Butler embraced these challenges and delivered this project to programme and Lympstone Commando was operational as of Saturday 31st of October.

Lympstone Commando was a project from which MPL took great pride. To have it completed and operational ahead of Remembrance Day 2020 for those coming and going from the base was an added little bonus. Well done to all involved.

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