MegaTech Projects Ltd (MPL) were awarded the contract for two Expanded Polystyrene System (EPS) platform extensions at Slough Station totalling 150 metres.

Delivering for Great Western Railway (GWR) with Amey as the main contractor MPL undertook a 92 metre extension of platform 4 at Slough in February 2019 which Adams Design Associates designed as a subcontractor of MPL. On Platform 4 it was the cables protruding from the existing which would prove to be the biggest challenge. Having initially planned to bury these cables in advance of MPL’s installation Amey found out that the cables would not have the necessary slack required for burying. This gave MPL a chance to demonstrate the adaptability of the EPS system.

MPL notched the appropriate cable route out of the EPS across the first 10 metres of the platform. Doing this in advance of material delivery meant when the time critical works came around on weekend 47 MPL and Amey lost no time on programme, simply slotting the first 5nr EPS blocks in around the cables. MPL were given another opportunity to demonstrate the versatility of the EPS system on platform 4 when we were required to notch the final 6nr EPS blocks to allow them to fit around some cable troughs.

To solve this one of MPL’s CPCS qualified chainsaw operatives notched the EPS on site to the Amey engineer’s markings. Despite these obstacles platform 4 was delivered over 12nr hours ahead of programme, taking only 36 hours out of a 53 hour possession. Platform 3 totalled 60 metres and was installed over a 29 hour possession in June 2019, taking 22 hours of working time. As slough is a listed station MPL were required to match the look of the existing platforms. To do this MPL installed a black brick façade to the front of the EPS which allowed an aesthetically seamless transition from the old to the new. By doing this off site in advance of the delivery MPL greatly reduced in situ works for the project.

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