In September 2019 MegaTech Projects LTD (MPL), working with Network Rail and Amey, returned to Ulceby where MPL completed an Expanded Polystyrene System (EPS) Platform Extension in 2015. MPL returned to re-align the EPS extension as track renewal works at Ulceby had resulted in around 15m of the extension falling out of gauge, making it non-compliant, with some sections being up to 60mm low and 25mm too far from track.

Using an RRV MPL moved the slabs in to the correct X co-ordinates before jacking up the slabs and placing some ‘special’ pre-made EPS packers, which were individual to each slab, underneath to bring them into gauge by the Y co-ordinates. MPL completed the re-alignment works at Ulceby during 1nr Saturday night possession taking only 4hrs to bring the EPS extension in to the correct alignment and height.

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