MegaTech Projects Ltd (MPL) were awarded the contract to remove platform 11 at Watford Junction, a 90m timber trestle platform, and replace it with a 90 metre Expanded Polystyrene System (EPS) platform. Delivering for South Eastern Railway with Murphy & Sons Ltd as the main contractor MPL undertook these works over a 53 hour possession during Christmas 2018. Starting early on Christmas morning MPL used the first 10 hours demolishing the old timber platform, MPL then took a total of 27 working hours to install a new 90 metre platform using the EPS system, finishing ahead of programme. A great achievement for everyone involved considering the scale of the works and the timeframe in which they had to be completed.

MPL faced many challenges in the design and installation of Watford as there was gantry’s located within the dimensions of the platform and several service cables underneath the old timber platform which would have to be moved within the EPS platform as well as access for maintenance. To tackle these obstacles Adam’s Design Associates, who designed the platform on behalf of MPL, designed special EPS blocks and Slabs that could slot around the gantries as well as designing a service run within the EPS for any services which lay underneath the timber platform. Adams then factored manholes into the design of the pre-cast concrete slabs which allowed for easy access to the cables. By placing these manholes behind the yellow line on the platforms surface it meant that the cables could be maintained out with possessions. MegaTech Projects Ltd began works at Watford Junction at 01:00 on Christmas Morning 2018 and installation was complete by Boxing Day at 15:15.

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